Good communication. Since 2010ℹ︎AD.


We are “pindarici,” like the flights of Pindar, the Greek poet who celebrated the greats of his time. We, too, as a communication agency, tell the stories of our clients’ achievements.


We do it our way: creating memorable content, allowing brands to meet their audience, and vice versa.

What does it mean to be pindarici?


We get paid to use both hemispheres of our brain: because it’s great to be creative, always on the hunt for lateral thinking, but it’s also essential to know the tools of the trade, from design to technology.


We have enough experience to navigate familiar routes, but still all the enthusiasm to discover new ones. Certainly, not alone.

They chose us:

They chose us:

Our projects


We know that good communication is the one that increases revenue and achieves goals.


Discover the latest work we have done. In our portfolio, you’ll find those we are most proud of.

What are
our services?


Brand and visual

Multichannel Ad concept

Branded content

Digital strategy


Social media

Paid ads

Web, App & SI

Corporate websites and e-commerce

Custom system integration

App & Web app




Trade shows and events

Our team

Our team consists of art directors, authors, SEO copywriters, social media managers, visual designers, UX & UI experts, videomakers, developers, and system integrators..

What sets us apart

The communication
agency for
the industry

corporate social

Are you ready?

Get on board. Just fasten your seat belts.

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    Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficiality, but soaring above things, not having burdens on the heart.


    - Italo Calvino

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