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Every result we achieve at Pindarica is the consequence of a long process of exploration, discussion, and—necessarily—synthesis.


We enjoy delving into our clients’ requests and, always with the utmost respect, offering our perspective and vision.


We love to delve deep, and to do so, we often find ourselves studying and testing all the latest innovations we hear about in our field.


Newness doesn’t intimidate us; it inspires us to imagine the future of our work as an evolving journey.


Power Creativity is nothing without control.” We love to experiment, imagine, and create, but we always do so pragmatically, with the approach of a craftsman rather than an artist.


We understand that time is money, and we always strive to optimize processes, so as not to waste resources, both ours and those of our clients.


“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” said the wise man… But are we sure about that? Those who work hard know the value of effort and the need to manage stress, which can sometimes bring out the best in us.


The fact remains that our work is also our passion, and we feel fortunate to be able to do it every day.


The saying “voli pindarici” generally has a negative connotation, referring to the tendency to lose focus and go around in circles.


However, Pindar (the Greek poet and author who inspired this definition) was known for his versatility and his ability to change tone and topics while keeping the narrative consistently high and effective.


This is a source of inspiration for us: like him, we strive to always deliver our best in all the fields we are involved in, never giving up on aiming high.

Our team


Founding partner of Pindarica. He initially approached professional songwriting, then was hired as a copywriter at a local agency where he met his future partner, Mattia. Together in 2010, they decided to create Pindarica

Passionate about pop culture and technology, he loves traveling and has a particular interest in Asian cultures, especially South Korean and Japanese (among other things, he opened a ramen bar).

He loves naming things and inventing slogans, which sometimes work. He adores new things, especially technological ones: he will always find a way to try out the latest tools, software, and gadgets. Sometimes they work.


Born in 1982, Mattia is one of the two founding partners of Pindarica. He started as a graphic designer, and as the graphic department grew, he took on the role of art director.

After a long experience at a local agency where he met Matteo, he decided to found Pindarica with him and start a project of their own.

He is a great DIY enthusiast and loves industrial decor. With his keen sense of irony, he never misses a chance to make a joke, preferably in Maccio style.


The longest-serving employee at Pindarica. Legend has it that when Matteo and Mattia decided to open the office, he came as part of the furniture.

It so happened that he was a graphic designer and one of the most precise the world has ever seen. If something is off by even 1 pixel, he will notice it effortlessly.

He enjoys art, graphic design, and traveling, and he spends his free time taking rides on his mountain bike or motorcycle.
His passions also include music, movies, and TV series.


At Pindarica since 2016, he handles front-end development for websites.

With a sedentary nature, he enjoys movies, TV series, and reading books, especially fantasy and mystery. He is the first to arrive at the office every morning and marks the days with his rituals. Heaven forbid breakfast is taken before or after 11:00.

A great music enthusiast, he likes collecting vinyl records and listens to everything from rock to metal to punk, but he is also a fan of rap and trap.
He peppers every sentence with at least one quote, and when no one understands it, he feels disappointed. To solve this problem, he has forced everyone to watch Boris during lunch breaks (F4).


Straddling between millennials and Gen-Z, he definitely prefers the latter.

He starts working at Pindarica as a graphic designer, but over time, he specializes and stands out for his work on social contents and video editing.

If there's an AI doing something, he definitely knows about it and has already experimented with it. He knows all the latest trends on TikTok and can quote more memes than anyone else in the office. If you didn't understand at least half of the previous sentence, you might be a bit of a boomer to him.

His guilty pleasure? Reggaeton.


A Calabrian by birth and never entirely adopted by Reggio Emilia.

At Pindarica, she handles social and digital strategies. Among her tasks are project management and client relations.

She enjoys reading and traveling and is always well-informed about cultural and social issues. Her hobbies also include art and photography, and she's a guarantee when it comes to organizing events. She loves music, especially singer-songwriters, and despite having left home many years ago, she adores her homeland passionately and never misses an opportunity to connect with the excellences of her territory.


Grown up in Castelnovo ne' Monti, he values his mountain roots.

In his everyday life, he's a Full-stack developer, contributing to the nerd quota at Pindarica.

Among his hobbies, you'll find mountain biking and bikes in general, to the extent that he's been appointed as Pindarica's mobility manager, music - preferably rock and metal -, anime, and manga.

A big fan of calligraphy, when he takes up the quill, his scribe soul ignites, with an extraordinary knack for problem-solving. His passions also include science fiction literature, movies, and TV series.


Originally trained as a graphic designer, she actually manages multiple aspects of a project independently.

Passionate about DIY, photography, and the mountains. She enjoys trying out new sweet and savory recipes, with a knack for leavened goods.

An art lover, she enjoys experimenting with different materials, from concrete to wood, to create true works of art. Certainly, her most outstanding skill is versatility. In the office, she's the one who turns on all the lights, turns off the radiators, and opens the windows.


Our administration manager, but above all, the main bringer of good vibes in the office.

She loves reading and traveling and learning new things. If you want to make her happy, ask her for a hug, and she definitely won't refuse.

Despite her passion for hugs and affectionate gestures, her mantra is one: invoicing, invoicing, invoicing...


Copywriter, SEO specialist, and in her free time, a grammar nazi.

If you think you can write well, you probably haven't sent her a text for correction. She has an unrestrained passion for writing, which she also nurtures on her personal blog (leparoledellemicrania.it) and, of course, for her kittens.

For years, she has been involved in raising awareness about chronic diseases like migraines, and she has transmitted this passion and commitment to us as well.


Graphic designer with a strong creative streak.

She's passionate about art, music, manga, and anime, and she's extremely curious and always ready to discover new things.

At first glance, you might wonder if she's lost and if she knows where her parents are, but in reality, she can handle herself just fine.

She enjoys traveling and learning new languages.

Do you think you’re creative, curious, reliable, passionate, and pindaric enough?

Are you ready?

Get on board. Just fasten your seat belts.

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    Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficiality, but soaring above things, not having burdens on the heart.


    - Italo Calvino

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