The new King of the Jungle

Onyx Group, a financial firm based in the United Arab Emirates and particularly active in Sri Lanka, acquired the solid tire division of the Marangoni Group (Marangoni Industrial Tyres) in 2017 with a clear objective: to become the largest tire manufacturer in Sri Lanka and serve both local and international markets. Pindarica was chosen as the European partner for the communication of this new international tire hub. The collaboration began with the development of a powerful concept for the so-called “solid tires,” designed for industrial applications.


Marangoni Industrial Tyres


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MIT Marangoni Industrial Tyres

To assert the new ambitious goals, we developed a concept that signaled a significant shift. MIT, acronym for Marangoni Industrial Tyres, becomes part of the claim (phonetically read as “Meet the King”), accompanied by a majestic lion made of tires, emerging proudly from the darkness. The choice of the lion, one of the symbols of Sri Lanka and already part of the Onyx brand, was intentional.

Product Catalog


The first tool to feature the new concept was the printed product catalog. The 3D renders of the tires and the technical information are interspersed with tire marks and claw slashes: an aggressive and high-performing coordinated image, in line with the idea of the king of the jungle.

Web Experience


It is on the web that branding and information best come together: the animated entrance of the elements (especially the powerful “paw strikes”), along with a clear product consultation mode (filterable by application), provide an immersive experience. The building blocks of the rebranding have been laid: Marangoni Industrial Tyres is ready for new challenges.

Are you ready?

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